MAS Context: Debate

MAS Context is a topic-based architecture journal that brings together global contributors to explore a topic from multiple points of view. MAS Studio invited the Dept. of Design to design and pen a chapter for issue no. 27. The visual play for the issue’s featured topic, Debate, is a graphic throughline inspired by the great debate of 2015: “the Dress”. The lighthearted black and navy (or was it white and gold?) motif is sprinkled throughout the book as other contributing writers took a more academic approach to the topic. Each essay exercises typography and editorial design to capture the authors’ POVs into elegant layouts. The book cover portrays the issue’s contributors as election campaign button pins.

Publication design • Concepts • Editorial illustrations • Pre-press

Credit: Iker Gil, Alisa Wolfson, Eavan Wallner, Craig Shparago, Rick Valicenti/Thirst • Agency: MAS Studio