Amazon Brand Portal

Build a single source of brand truth for one of the most customer-centric companies in the world. Amazon‘s first brand portal removes friction and unifies all its brands under one roof.

Site design
Site architecture
Brand guidelines
Long-form design
Template design

Self-service workhorse

The brand portal is designed to be a workhorse that democratizes design, making it accessible to all Amazon brand owners. Built on Wagtail CMS, brand owners can quickly add content with diverse content blocks and tools, giving them seamless control over their brand guidelines with zero coding.

The brand portal’s utilitarian design allows the brand owners to build guideline pages without asking them to rethink their assets. This low friction increases site adoption for owners and shortens their page-building timeline. Predefined templates ensure any content published looks consistently well presented across brands.

A single source of truth

With a centralized hub for brand guidance and assets, global brand stakeholders at Amazon and their cross-org partners don’t have to worry about outdated content resurfacing and focus on collaborating, unleashing creativity, and improving efficiency.

Credits • Content by Amazon brand owners • Site development by John Leonard