Some of my in-house design efforts for Amazon from 2017 to 2021 focused on creating cohesive and expressive brand experiences across touchpoints, hence strengthening Amazon’s market positioning.

Creative directions
Brand systems
Brand guidelines
Bluesky concepts
Brand architecture
Print design
Event design

Luna Brand

Amazon’s Luna is positioned as a console-quality game streaming service akin to Netflix but for gaming across various devices. One of the challenges lies in bringing forth a non-Amazon Smile logo that resonates with the fickle gaming audience. After exploring how the brand can fit in the Amazon brand ecosystem, it became evident that a distinctive identity was crucial to simplifying the message to customers. The Luna logomark symbolizes a dynamic network of extraordinary universes and communities, inviting all gamers to jump into a new journey. My role involved helping secure internal support to introduce a new identity while leading the development of brand tools and guidelines. This collaborative output helped establish Amazon as a credible player in the challenging gaming space.

Note: Luna‘s preliminary brand strategy and early brand direction by Wolff Olins

Pets Styleguide

Not to be outperformed by the other leading pet retailers, the Amazon Pets team looked for a flexible brand expression to re-envigorate the Pets category. I created a design system that included several tool sets, enabling Amazon Pets to adjust the brand expression according to various levels of engagement while also establishing guidelines to maintain onsite cohesion within the Amazon retail brand. The styleguides and tool kits emote the nurturing and love aspects of pet parenting, carrying a warm and whimsical look across all touchpoints.

Illustrations by Aracely Henriquez

Music Brand Refresh

Amazon Music Team looked to rebrand Music while riding the tailwind of the growing adoption of Alexa smart speakers and Prime subscriptions in 2018. Limited by the brand guardrails of the parent brands (Amazon Retail and Prime), a new design playbook enables Music to function effectively as the outlier, enhancing the brand's competitiveness in the music streaming industry. I gave the team an updated logomark and color palette, new typography to punctuate their latest voice and tone, and graphic toolsets to build a more electric stage presence.

MARS Design System

MARS is an exclusive gathering in Palm Springs for leading figures in machine learning, automation, robotics, and space. The event features multi-day breakthrough research presentations, technology demos, social activities, and fireside chats. In 2018, I introduced a new design system and guidelines to bring a unified look and craft consistency to all keynote presentations and environmental graphics, while unblocking production pipelines that had previously hindered the design process. Inspired by the optimistic spirit of the mid-century era and the event’s location, the new design system uses simple forms and a distilled palette as the foundation to unlock endless design possibilities for MARS production teams.

Certified for Humans Iconmark

Amazon Device Team needed an iconmark to communicate the promise of easy smart home setup to non-tech-savvy consumers. Certified for Humans is a humanesque iconmark that embodies approachability, simplicity, and inclusivity. Despite being a symbol that has been reinterpreted millions of times since the days of cave paintings, it aspired to look distinctive while inheriting some DNA from the Amazon Smile logo and the Alexa brand.